We are a multinational company, more than 800 people work in our office in Budapest.
We are hiring new colleagues who speak foreign languages: German, French, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Czech, Russian for Service Desk Agent positions to help foreign customers via phone and email. This is not a sales job, you won’t have to sell anything!
When you start working you will participate at a 3 weeklong training to learn the basics of information technology and to get to know your new colleagues. This training is paid as if you were working (full salary).
When you start the job you can always turn to your mentor with any questions, he or she is always there to help you.
We have several career opportunities, after spending some time at the Service Desk you could become team leader, service manager, mentor or trainer.
You will see that the atmosphere is great, we have colleagues from several countries. If you work in the French team, you may meet people from Belgium, France or even from Mauritius. Of course in the Dutch team you will mostly speak in Dutch and English.
It is a great opportunity to meet people from foreign countries, make friends and to improve your language skills at the same time. Hungarian knowledge is not necessary for this job as everybody speaks English in our team.

The Service Desk Agent job is about helping foreign employees in their own language via phone and e-mail.
For example there is a French/German speaking employee who calls because he forgot his Windows password, you will need to generate one and give it to him/her. Another example is when the customer does not receive e-mails in Outlook, your task is to take over his PC and solve the problem. There are procedures to follow for every case, you will have the necessary knowledge after completing the 3 week-long paid training, even after the training you can always turn to your mentors with any question. The clients who call us are employees of large corporations working in an office abroad.


We cannot publish the name of our company in social media and on this page because of our internal policy, however once you filled out the application form, you will receive detailed information about the job via email. (Company name, salary etc.)

Our office is located in the city center, close to the M3 metro line and the 4-6 tram. We cannot disclose the exact address of our company because of our internal policy.

The salary depends on the language you would like to work in and the shifts that you choose. If you work at night or at weekend, the salary is more because of the night and weekend shift allowance, you may ask for overtime if you need some extra money, however it is never obligatory.
If you choose to work on bank holidays, the company will give you 3x salary or 2x salary + a day off for that day.
In addition we will pay your plane ticket to your home county once per month (100 EUR maximum), and we will pay 85% of your long-distance bus ticket if you don’t live in Budapest. (up to 35000HUF/month)


The working hours are usually between 6:00 and 20:00, but the shifts are maximum 8 hours long.
As we need very few people in the morning, it is rare that you have to come at that time.
Your schedule can be a question of agreement with the HR team, we take into consideration your wishes and you can always change your shifts with your colleagues. If you are a student or have other occupations, you may work part-time.
Your private time is respected, overtime is never obligatory, you will never have to take home work with you. There are no obligatory team buildings or trainings outside working hours.

The recruitment team receives many applications, so it takes for them to call someone back about 1 – 2 weeks. If you could not answer the phone when they called you, they will send you an e-mail and you can specify a time in your reply when you are available to take their call.

1-2 weeks after submitting your application, the recruitment team will contact you via phone, they will ask you to talk with them about general topics in your chosen language and in English in order to test your language skills.
After the phone call the recruiter will ask you to come to our office for a personal interview. It is just one occasion and only takes a 3-4 hours.
You may expect simple IT tests and language tests. The most important skills are language skills, you don’t need any certificate or diploma to work at our company. User-level IT knowledge is enough. (Using WORK, EXCEL, POWER POINT, WINDOWS 7 or 10).
The recruitment team will send your the result in a few days after the interview and you may start to work next week.
You may request interview over Skype if you do not live in Hungary, so you only have to come to Hungary to start working.

Upon request, I will send you a guide to prepare for the interview. Send us an email to info.budapestjobs@gmail.com, in the subject please mention the position that you would like to apply for.

It depends on the position. If you applied for the daytime job, you will never have to work at weekend or at night! There is a possibility to work at weekend-only (5days free, 2 days of work) with French and Dutch languages.
With Dutch or German or French knowledge you may apply for your night and weekend position for a higher salary. If you choose that you will come at night 4×10 hours a week and sometimes at weekend.


If you are a non-EU citizen, you need to have one of these documents before applying:

  • Residence Card for Family Member of Hungarian Citizen, or
  • A valid work permit and residence permit for Hungary, or
  • Student visa

Please note that our company does not handle work permit, you need to have the permit before you submit your application.
EU citizens may apply without work permit.

This job is a great opportunity to start your career in IT!
After some time on the service desk you could become team leader and later operations manager if you are interested in people management. First you can manage a small group of people, as you get better at it, you will be able to become a supervisor to see through operations and manage more people for more salary.
If you are more into technical IT knowledge, you can become L2 agent to solve more complex problems and the next step is the change manager or service manager position. Every time you move a step ahead on the career ladder you get a considerable salary increase.
There are other possibilities, we have open trainer and mentor positions, knowledge managers are hired as well.
There are several trainings available in the office: you may become an expert of IT service management, all ITIL modules are available for free for our employees. While you work here you have the possibility to obtain the  CompTIA Server+ certificate to be able to configure servers.


Feel free to send me an email to info.budapestjobs@gmail.com
I will reply as soon as possible to all your questions about our current job opportunities!